Indoor Masterclass 29th December 2013

Fantastic day of Indoor Hockey started with a fun U16 Tournament followed by a superb Masterclass delivered by fellow Centrally Contracted Coach Kwan Browne and completed with a fun Ladies & Mens Tournament played in great spirit.  Everyone enjoyed the day learning valuable hockey skills that translate very well to the astro.

Some Quotes of the day

“Had so much fun, never knew just how fast hockey can be played”

“16 minutes of hockey doesn’t sound a long time, Im going to be stiff tomorrow”

“Kwan explains the nuts and bolts very well, I have improved in such a short time”

“Great to see so many people getting together enjoying hockey, what a buzz”

“What a facility, Sportspark has everything you need to host a wonderful event like this, more please”

Indoor Masterclass-186Indoor Masterclass-171

Secure the ball

When we practice the fundamentals of the game it is necessary to do so in a decision rich environment this means that our drills need to be opposed. This enables the players to react to other players and form good decisions, the more mistakes we make the more we learn from those mistakes.

This is a very simple drill that can be done as a warm-up.


Indoor Development

Indoor-5“Heather and Cameron found the session incredibly beneficial. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It was by far the best hockey session we’ve ever been to.” Simon Tasker

Why the indoor game is one of the best ways to boost your hockey skills

The German and Dutch hockey teams are among the top-ranked in the world and it’s no accident that they hone their skills indoors. In November outdoor hockey stops in these countries and they move the game indoors until the end of February.This means players in these countries get far more pitch time than in the UK and their coaches know its great for mobility and honing their skills.

So why is it so good for making you a better player? Firstly, because it’s warmer indoors it’s easier to for a coach to explain to you exactly what you need to do to improve.  It’s simply not possible to talk through skills in the same way on a freezing night in February, for example.

What else? Indoor is played with five outfield players and one goalkeeper and the same basic principles as the outdoor game.  However, less players on the pitch means more touches on the ball – and more decision making in a game environment. You automatically improve. Indeed, your chances of improving have tripled because you have threefold more time on the ball. There’s nothing like it for improving your hockey.

The best hockey coaches agree that  indoor is a must-have for improving their players. Defensively – because it forces you to get low down in a good strong mobile position. Attacking –  because although there are no 3d skills it hones V drag, roll out skills and one v one elimination.

There is absolutely nothing better if you want to improve your hockey.

Indoor hockey sessions starting soon in Norwich

DL Total Hockey is running indoor hockey sessions for junior and adults at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Indoor hockey is fast, exciting and a safe and highly effective way to hone your technical skills. Book your sessions in blocks of four-week sessions.